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What You Need to Consider Before Refurbishing Your Couch

Furniture re-upholstery Couches are common items of furniture in households and often positioned in the lounge area where families gather and enjoy fun activities together.

Up-Cycled is an established furniture re-upholstery company based in Johannesburg. We specialize in restoring and re-upholstering second hand furniture. We deliver services of the highest quality, below are 3 things to consider before you get your couch refurbished:

The Quality and Cost of the Furniture

The first aspect to take into consideration is the cost of refurbishing the furniture. Compare the amount it will cost you to revive it with the cost of purchasing a brand new couch. This will direct you into making a more informed decision. If the furniture has a strong frame then you should consider sending it for re-upholstery.

Is the Furniture of Sentimental Value?

In this case you should consider the amount of emotional attachment you have made with the couch. Is the couch a piece of furniture that has been passed down to you? Have you spent most of your life being cosy on the chair? If the couch has sentimental value then consider restoring it before tossing it out.

Will the repairs be satisfactory?

Will the repairs meet your expectations? At this point you need to be as realistic as possible about the outcome of the service. It is ideal to find out what techniques they use to do the repairs. In order to avoid disappointment, ensure that you make use of the services offered by a trusted and reliable furniture re-upholsterer.

Up-Cycled is a specialist in restoring and re-upholstering second hand furniture. For more information on re-upholster contact Up-Cycled today.


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