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Below are 3 reasons why you should consider a re-upholstery service:


Preserve your Furniture

Re-upholstery allows you to extend the lifespan of your furniture. You will no longer consider disposing it or buying new furniture. Up-cycled offers a quality re-upholstery service that is able to bring your old furniture back to life.

Choice of Fabric

A reputable re-upholstery company will let you decide on the type of fabric you want. This conclusively increases your furniture’s sentimental value. Up- Cycled can re-upholster your furniture in an assortment of fabrics from leather, silk to polyester

Cost Effective

Getting your furniture re-upholstered is less expensive when compared to buying a brand new piece of furniture. Our re-upholstery services are available at competitive prices, making it possible to add more items to your home decor.


Up – Cycled has a team of skilled upholsterers that are able to provide you with an exceptional re-upholstery service. If you are considering upholstering your old furniture contact Up-Cycled today for information on our service.


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Keep In Touch

Up-cycled is a specialist in Restoring, Re-Upholstering Furniture

137 10th Road, Kew JHB 
Call: +27 82 641 8838 
Email: info@up-cycled.co.za


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