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3 Interior Decorating Tips from Up – Cycled

Up-cycled offers quality interior decorating services that are provided at affordable prices. If you are considering renovating your home or room for a rejuvenated look, Up-Cycled has the solution. It is often a challenging experience creating a unique style for your decor, considering the constant changing interior design trends. One current trend that we can mention in this regard is the use of mixed materials or fabrics. This has been used to create an open space in the room. Below we have a few interior design tips to keep in mind when redecorating your home.

Break the Rules

The first thing is to break the rules, when redecorating your home you do not need to stick to one colour scheme or material to revive the room. It is important to make use of various fabrics, patterns and furniture pieces to establish your own unique style. As essential as it is to create a space that reflects your living style is also important to maintain the balance in the room.

Do Not Push Furniture against the Wall

A mistake that DIY enthusiasts tend to make is to push the furniture against the wall. This is done with the objective of creating more space in a room. However, it is not entirely true, arranging your furniture towards the centre of room enhances the flow and space.

Incorporate Colour

Do not be afraid to add a bit of colour to your design. Incorporating striking colours to your home establishes a more engaging and welcoming living space. Up-Cycled is able to provide you with the very best advice regarding colour patterns that are suitable for specific requirements.


If you are looking for an exceptional interior decorating services or advice around Johannesburg, contact Up-Cycled today or see our website for our full range of products and services.


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